Corporate Entertainment Provided at Our Business

Are you looking for a company event that is unique and different to the usual staff parties? Look no further than Absolute Murder to provide you an event that is promised to have your employees or colleagues in fits of laughter. Our Faulty Showers production is the ultimate comedy event filled with lots of jokes and humour. To discover more about our corporate entertainment packages, please contact us.

The Ultimate Comedy Waiters

Our fun-filled Fawlty Towers tribute is one that you and your employees won’t forget in a hurry. This production is one of the most unusual and hilarious comical entertainment pieces you may ever witness. Our hilariously funny bunch of inept, outrageous, spoof restaurant and venue staff, bring chaos and mayhem wherever they perform. Disguised as staff, they inconspicuously disrupt your event. They start subtly, and gradually become more disruptive until the event becomes a shamble. There is lots of tutting and raised eyebrows in the event because of careless service and odd behaviour. The waiters confuse your guests with their peculiar antics and comedy capers, until your guests eventually realise that they have been fooled, and that these waiters behaving badly were in fact ‘Faulty Showers’.

Choose the Staff for ‘Faulty Showers’

To fool your guests, you can choose from many disruptive characters. There is Ian Nebrieated, the drunken waiter, or Yargos, who is from Eastern Europe, and is slightly confused about our British ways. Plus, there is Nobby the maintenance man and Bob the builder who is always on-hand to carry out some emergency maintenance on your table. Then, there is Sharon the hairdresser and Sandra Strange who predicts your future. Sharon may be tempted to comb or curl your managing director’s hair while Sandra predicts the future as she serves dessert. These are just a few of the many characters available, call our office for more suggestions and crazy characters We also have some of the best ‘look alikes’ in the business as well as our own Austin Powers Tribute Waiter Show.

Contact our team about our corporate events, which includes entertaining staff parties.