Participate in One of Our Murder Mystery Evenings

Create your own Murder Mystery with our help. As part of our excellent service, we put together a Murder Mystery evening using the theme you have chosen as well as ensuring that it is written and produced to your exact specification. For further information about how you could create your own unique event, please contact us.

Your Customised Murder Mystery

Inform us about your ideas, and we will transform your Murder Mystery vision into a reality. Our capable team produce a Murder Mystery that follows the theme you requested, and we make sure that is represents everything you wanted in the production. As we always go above and beyond for our clients, we can include your favourite actors from stage and TV, and to create the perfect setting for the crime, our skilled team decorate the room in the venue. You can rely on us to find out about the gossip in your company including in-jokes, timekeeping, habits, nicknames, and buzzwords. Once we have attained this information, our experts produce a Murder Mystery that is focused on a few members of your team as guest actors.

For more information about our bespoke events, or our murder mystery dinners, corporate events, or comedy waiters, please contact us.

Contact our experts for more details about our unique events, which includes murder mystery evenings.