Show Formats

Our expert team have designed four types of Murder Mysteries that are suitable for most occasions. You can choose to be involved in the Solow and Duo productions as a character, and you become an integral part of the performance. At the same time, you must identify who the murder/murders are.

In the Trio and Classic formats, our talented actors entertain you, and your role is to decide who the murder/murders are! If your group size does not fit into these categories please contact us to discuss further options.

If you feel that these do not meet your occasion; we can also design a Murder Mystery especially for you; have a look at the information below or peruse our Bespoke Events page. 

bespoke events

The Sole Murder Mystery

Suitable for smaller groups of up to fifteen people using one actor, each guest is given a new identity, and character background as each
guest becomes a suspect in the Murder Mystery.

The Duo Murder Mystery

Following similar lines to the Solo style format but with two actors, this format is suitable for group sizes up to 40.

The Trio Murder Mystery

Suitable for audiences from ten to sixty-five, the “Trio Murder Mystery” includes: choice of story line from our “Trio” range and three actors.

The Classic Murder Mystery

Suitable for audiences from ten to one hundred, the “Classic Murder Mystery” evening includes: choice of story line from our “Classic” range and four actors.

Bespoke Events

Produce your own Murder Mystery! You can depend on our experts to create your Murder Mystery to your exact requests, this includes tailoring it to your chosen theme. Simply, inform our professionals about your ideas, and leave them to produce something amazing. To go the extra mile, we can also theme the room of the venue to create the setting for the crime.

To ensure your Murder Mystery is full of intrigue, mystery and mayhem, we find out about the gossip, in-jokes, nicknames, and buzzwords in your company. After this information has been collected, your personalised Murder Mystery can be written.

Contact our professionals at our events company to find out more about our show formats.